JULY, 8th 2014)

In 2014, following the “Protective Edge” operation with which the zionist army bombed the entire
Gaza Strip causing more than 2,000 deads, journalist Nafeez Ahmed revealed the real motives of
the genocidial and criminal act, of which on July 8th was the third anniversary.

“The reasons given by Israel for its latest incursion into the Gaza Strip are misleading” wrote the
journalist, curator of the “The Cutting Edge” blog. “Israel has less interest in striking Hamas than in
the plan to ensure its appropriation of the natural gas reserves in the area, continuing to perpetrate
poverty in the Palestinian people, so that revenue from the sale of natural gas does not “get in the
wrong hands”.

For its part, the zionist entity claimed the launch of rockets by Hamas in Israel and targeting
underground tunnels that they use.

“In fact, the estimate of 1.4 trillion cubic meters of gas leads to a number of lies that are equivalent
to US $ 4 billion revenue,” Ahmed wrote. A capital that could end in the “wrong hands” of the
Palestinians, who claim property on the offshore gas field “Gaza Marine”.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, former head of the zionist army, justified “Protective Edge”
by stating that the operations were purely intended to combat “Hamas terrorism”.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that the Levant basin will contain up to 122
cubic feet of natural gas. The giant zionist field “Leviathan” would contain at least 19 cubic feet of
extractable (but the estimates are even growing) and the “Tamar” field would have a 10 cubic feet.
There are also “Cyprus” deposits estimated at 5 cubic feet (medium gross value) and “Aphrodite”
representing Cypriot investments to transport and sell liquefied natural gas through the construction
of rigassifiers at sea. In the contention of subterranean maritime resources enters Lebanon too,
claiming its territorial competence in order to launch its first mining license and to exploit what it
estimates in at least 95 cubic feet of natural gas and 850 million barrels of oil.

In that scenario, even the Gaza Strip could say its own, in the area bordering the waters occupied by
zionist and Egypt. In 1999, British Gas Group acquired a 25-year exploration license from the
National Authority of Palestine for the maritime area off the Gaza Strip, shared with the
Consolidated Group Contractor Company (CCC), founded in 1952 and based in Athens, which
holds 10% of the license. The “Gaza Marine” field was discovered by British Group in 2000: a
resource of about 36 kilometers offshore at 600 meters in depth. Various estimates have confirmed
that the field is “commercially viable”, whose content is estimated in 1 foot cube of natural gas,
close to the shore. In commercial terms, according to the 2012 Palestine Investment Fund report, its
exploitation would result in savings above the equivalent of US $ 560 million in Palestinian energy
spending and would amount to US $ 2.5 billion of direct revenue.

The discovery, considered rightly as a “gift of God”, let glimpse for Palestine the possibility of a
better future. But starting work has never taken place. Various export scenarios have been
discussed, including Egypt. In addition, the construction of a gas pipeline to a land-based
processing terminal aimed at selling to the zionist entity had already been planned – a project that
was optimally designed by licensees as well. israel has, however, refused the deal, preferring to
continue importing energy from Egypt. In 2005 and 2006, British Group has opted to transport gas
to its plant in Idku, Egypt. This was followed by further negotiations with the zionist entity, but
unreliable because of the lack of agreement on the commercial parameters and the pervading Israeli
hostility towards the Palestinian authorities.

The subsequent Israeli discovery of the vast fields of “Leviathan” and “Tamar” have radically
changed the scenario: israeli energy security has increased considerably, providing extensive
supplies for the next few decades.

In the light of the facts, the acts of zionist war in the Gaza Strip are even more criminal, aimed at
the destruction of the few infrastructures present (for example, the fact that the only power plant as
such is located in Gaza City and that it has been easy and frequent target of Israeli bombings) and
the planned maintenance of mere survival, admitted after infinite international pressures by Zionist
army officers. The two “Cast Lead” genocide operations launched on December 27, 2008 and
“Protective Edge” launched on July 8, 2014, represent the fierce and criminal control of Gaza Strip
opencast lager status, as well as access to prospective waters : worth for fishing, primary and vital
resource, as well as for that underwater wealth that would radically change the economic and
political scenario of occupied Palestine and the entire Middle East.

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