An article about East Med from Italian group “SIONISMO È GUERRA” – September, 15th 2017

The toxic narrative of the israeli wars against the Gaza Strip “Cast Lead” in 2008-2009 and
“Protective Edge” in 2014 wants to tell that motivations was the launch of rockets by Hamas against
israel and the abduction and killing of two teenagers by Arabs. Dozens of mainstream
interpretations and tales have all avoided mentioning the discovery of an immense treasure off
Palestinian and Lebanese coasts, full of oil and natural gas: the zionist entity lacks control of the
southern coastal area, facing the Egyptian waters, where is located Gaz Strip and deposits of
resources for 1.4 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. The zionist entity intervened in order to
prevent Palestinians from accessing such resources: even fishermen are increasingly banned from
fishing off, subject to fire.

In 2000, British Group obtained permission from the Palestinian National Authority to exploit its
two discovered fields called “Gaza Marine 1” and “Gaza Marine 2”, containing resources equivalent
to $ 2.5 billion. The not only bureaucratic hostility of the zionists, fighting aside Egypt that
continued to engage with Tel Aviv by cultivating their own interests, caused the failure of the
project, and British Group decided in 2005 to transfer its hub to Idku, Egypt . In January 2008, one
month after interruption of talks with the zionist entity, which was intended to effectively overthrow
the Palestinian Authority, British Group closed its israeli offices.

Between 2009 and 2010, the zionist entity discovered in the Levantine Basin the two huge fields
“Leviathan” and “Tamar”, which were added to the smaller ones “Tanin” and “Karish”. Tamar is
operational since 2013 and run by state-controlled israel Natural Gas Lines. Leviathan is expected
to be operational by 2019, with the participation of the US company Noble Energy and a sign of 20
financial institutions including the notorious JPMorgan: its expected outlet market is the Jordanian
National Authority for Energy.

The two Palestinian deposits are on the supply route from the Red Sea to the coasts occupied by
israel: it is easy to understand that the two “Gaza Marine” are in fact an obstacle to the movement of
Zionist goods.
On April 4, 2017, an agreement was signed between Greece, Cyprus, Italy and israel for the
establishment of the “EastMed” gas pipeline, which, from the Haifa sea line, touches Cyprus and
then crosses the Mediterranean, touching the northwestern coast of Greece and then comes to Italy
EastMed has a total length of 1900 kilometers and can transport up to 10 billion cubic meters of gas
per year. The project, co-funded by the European Union which is still trying to find alternative
solutions to the supply from ex-Soviet countries, belongs to IGI Poseidon S.A. a Greek company
composed of DEPA S.A. and Edison International Holding, a subsidiary of Edison SPA, the second
energy operator in Italy, effectively controlled by EDF in 2012 and operating in Greece in particular
through Hellenic Petroleum. With Athens, Edison is already planning the ITGI pipeline, which will
connect Caspian Sea and Middle East with Europe through Greece and Turkey

Last March, Zionist economic development minister Yuval Steinitz went to Rome to meet with
counterpart Carlo Calenda and CEO of SNAM Marco Alverà, a national energy carrier also
supported by ENI controlled by De Scalzi, engaged in the realization of the TAP pipeline in the
italian region of Puglia and the expansion of its role in Cyprus together with the french Total.
EastMed was also discussed during the G7 summit last may in Taormina, Sicily.
(Calenda, progetto gasdotto EastMed a G7 energia Roma)

The scenario is not at all easy to deal with: the deteriorated relations between Israel and Egypt due
to the forthcoming start of Leviathan; Lebanon, which claims its share in the waters of its
jurisdiction, but contended by the zionist entity; the further project to build an independent gas
pipeline between israel and Turkey by 2020; the dispute between Cyprus and Turkey, the only
country that recognize the self-proclaimed “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.

With certainty of the struggle for the capture of precious territories to be controlled by all means,
not excluding the military one, Palestine also plays here the role of stone connoisseur in the gourd
table embedded in the waters of the Mediterranean. A significative reminder to, with so good faith,
continue to believe in a solution “two peoples, two states” and exulted for a formal, bureaucratic
and plastic Palestinian recognition in the United Nations: the unnecessary visit of his Secretary
General Antonio Guterres of a few weeks ago is a further proof. There is no other solution for the
Palestinian people to get rid of the worst genocidial occupier and their corrupt bourgeoisie,
restoring PLO stolen with the Oslo Accords and resuming Resistance with the support of the entire
Arab Nation.