/Communique on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the United States

Communique on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the United States

The Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity with Palestine “Ghassan Kanafani” denounces the recognition of Jerusalem (Al Quds) as the capital of Israel by the United States. This act adds to a series of issues that strengthen the Palestinian occupation state and are part of the imperialist totalitarian conquest of Palestine.

No one should forget that Imperialism was present in the territories of Palestine, from the Balfour Declaration to the Oslo Accord. No one should forget that the sordid intentions of the Zionists have always been those of the conqueror, who wants to exterminate the Palestinians by setting up countless pitfalls at the same time. One of the biggest pitfalls was the alleged peaceful settlement of the Palestinian issue in the context of accepting the defeat of the Six-Day war and the two-state solution. This agreement was taking the Occupation of Palestine since 1967 as a status quo and so drove to the rubble in the early years of the Palestinian disaster, where 700,000 Palestinians were forced to become refugees.

The last episode of this fraud that has been set up against the Palestinians and wants to be arbitrary as the capital of the Occupying State of Jerusalem, does nothing else than to show us that the solidarity to the Palestine’s liberation resistance is the only way to go for the Palestinians, but also those who support their righteous struggle.

It also reveals and something else, an issue that we, the Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity “Ghassan Kanafani”, have been working on recently. The reason that the companies of the right-wing settlers were buying targeted territories in East Jerusalem, territories that were primarily granted to them by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and the head of Theophilos, in a region which was supposed to be the capital of the Palestinian state. Soil sales, which stirred up a storm of reaction to the Arab world and especially to Arab Christians. It is a clear-cut prof that there has never been an intention to create peaceful coexistence and all is a part of the plan of totalitarian conquest and the imposition of imperialist interests without any reaction in the heart of the Arab world.

In this context, the total support of the Greek Government to Israel and all the imperialist plans in the region should be highlighted. The Government of SYRIZA-ANEL is Israel’s largest military ally, offering all the assistance by conceding the camps of Greece and recurring military exercises. At the same time, it goes on a coalition with them by signing an energy alliance that has helped Israel to steal the natural wealth of the Palestinians by creating the East Med.

We, the Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity “Ghassan Kanafani”, call on everyone to examine the facts in the region carefully, to reflect on and realize that the only way for the peaceful coexistence of the peoples is to strengthen the resistance and establish a new and unique Palestinian state in which Arabs and Jews can live peacefully, free of Imperialist imperatives.

To achieve this, we must fight the conquerors of Palestine in every way and put a bomb on the foundations that keep the Occupation standing up. One such way is to strengthen the Occupation Boycott Movement with the BDS. We also need to do our part to act against the Greek government that has been hostile to the Palestinians, and not allow the creation of the Criminal Pipeline and cancel any future plans that Israel has.

Jerusalem (Al-Quds) can only be the capital of Palestine and this is how we recognize it. Therefore, recognizing it as the capital of the occupying state will find us in every way against.


Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity with Palestine
“Ghassan Kanafani”