/Netanyahu slaughter not welcome in Cyprus – No in the energy cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Israel

Netanyahu slaughter not welcome in Cyprus – No in the energy cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Israel

Following the formalization of the East Med gas pipeline agreement last year in Thessaloniki, Tsipras, Anastasiadis and Netanyahu are coming to a new tripartite meeting on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, to discuss the details of the extension of Israel’s electricity interconnection to Europe through Euroasia Interconnector project. Along with this, they strengthen their false friendship, which submits the country to the plans of Israel and the EU.

As stated in Zionist media, the prospect of interconnecting Israel’s electricity grid with the European network is considered important for Israel because it will provide the country with an alternative source of energy everytime the national electricity grid is undergoing a serious technical problem or overcharging. It is also reported that the effort to complete the interconnection of Cyprus to the EU electricity grid is currently underway and the EU seeks to connect Israel to the grid via submarine cable that will cross Cyprus and Greece and will start from the Hadera power plant, south of Haifa.

This project, like the East Med gas pipeline, is funded by the European Union and assists Israel to export electricity belonging to the Palestinians to Europe. It is a power transmission project, with submarine cable laying that will start from the Occupied Palestinian territories controlled by the Zionist Occupation, will arrive in Cyprus, then in Crete and from there to Peloponnese, channeling electricity to Cyprus and Greece. The work on electrical cable connecting the electricity networks of Israel, Cyprus and Greece is under way in the first quarter of 2018, after the Greek and Cypriot regulators approved the project. (AP, 17/10/2017)

The 287 km cable will connect Israel with Cyprus, Cyprus will connect with Greece in Crete and from Crete, an existing cable will be used to connect the Peloponnese to mainland Greece by providing a connection to the pan-European electricity grid. If constructed, the total length of the interconnection line will be about 540 nautical miles and will be located at depths up to 2 km below sea level. The grid will be able to transmit 2,000 megawatts of electricity in each direction.

It is expected to cost about EUR 1.5 billion, of which EUR 500 million will be the cost of the Israel-Cyprus association.

The project arose from the discovery of natural gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean that could be used to produce electricity. This natural gas belongs to the Palestinians because it is the Leviathan deposit located in the territorial waters of Occupied Palestine.

The Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity with Palestine “Ghassan Kanafani” once again appeals to all the political organizations of the Greater Left to take a stand and do their part to stop the crime based on the theft of sources of Palestine.

We condemn once again in the most categorical manner the SYRIZA-ANEL Government and the Government of Cyprus, which have become the chariot for the economic giant of Israel through the theft of the wealth of the Palestinians, exports the stolen Palestinian resources to Europe.

Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity with Palestine
“Ghassan Kanafani”