/No to Prespes Deal!- No to the passage of the East Med pipeline over the Balkans!

No to Prespes Deal!- No to the passage of the East Med pipeline over the Balkans!

On the 2nd of November 2018, in Varna of Bulgaria, a quadripartite summit conference between Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania took place, in the presence of the slaughterer of the Palestinian people, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Right after the conference we got to know of one more reason for which the imperialist powers desire the striking of the Prespes deal. As the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, said himself:

“The Prespes Deal signals the resolution of a chronic problem. A deal that will have multiple benefits for the well-being and economic co-development in southeastern Europe and that can contribute to the upgrade of northern Greece and particularly Macedonia, turning it into an important regional energy, trade, maritime and transport hub.”

Also, during the meeting between Tsipras and Natanyahu within the context of the same conference, government sources reported that prime minister Tsipras told Netanyahu that them being able to discuss in such a constructive manner while meeting in Greece and Israel, as well as in a quadripartite summit in another Balkan country, is very significant. This is because, as he stressed, the Balkans are of great strategic importance, especially for the big project of East Med, over which a close cooperation between Greece and Israel exists.

At this point, we ought to remind that the East Med pipeline is the means for the theft of natural gas from the “Leviathan” gas field, that belongs to the Palestinian people. The questioning of the rights of Palestine on its waters came as a result of the Six-Day War in 1967, during which Gaza was placed under Israeli occupation, for the Oslo deal to follow in 1993. The Israeli invasions that materialized in 2008-09 and then in 2014, just as the traps set for the Palestinians (such as the “formal” recognition of the Palestinian state by the UN, that defined the sea borders of Palestine in a way that exluded the gas field,) gave de facto control over the Palestinian underwater resources to the occupation forces that now take advantage of them.

The Prespes deal has been forced by the USA, NATO, and the EU to promote the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans, in the context of the imperialist surrounding of Russia. It is obvious however that this conference took place, at least in part, in order to serve the interests of Israel by promoting the East Med pipeline project. This is exactly what the Greek prime minister let on when he spoke of “an important regional energy, trade, maritime and transport hub.”

It is no coincidence that the SYRIZA – ANEL government is a leader in this planning. Faithful to the Euro-Atlanticism of the local economic oligarchy, it has submitted the entire country to the plans of Israel, the USA, and the EU, and pushes for this deal as the necessary means for the realization of their interests in the Balkans and the completion of the imperialist crime against the Palestinian people – by transporting gas that belongs to Palestine over the Balkan countries.

We urge every friend of Palestine and every anti-imperialist entity to contribute to the struggle against the interests of Israel within our country; to resist and to do whatever it takes to stop the upcoming deal that is key to the interests of Israel, the deal of Prespes.

At the same time, we request the participation in every attempt to give prominence to the matter and cancel the plans for the creation of the pipeline.

The theft and designation for the European market, of gas that is property of the Palestinian people, must end now!

Given the opportunity, and because of the situation’s criticality, we denounce every power that works from within our country as a Trojan Horse for the sake of Israel and imperialism, by misleading or by directly supporting the Zionist plans, while invoking in its references the Palestinian resistance and the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people!

Greek Front of Resistance and Solidarity with Palestine
“Ghassan Kanafani”