/On the Turkey-Libya EEZ Memorandum and the developments in the wider region

On the Turkey-Libya EEZ Memorandum and the developments in the wider region

After the rule of the legitimate Syrian government, the Middle East’s energy competitions, are shifting westward: Turkey, having failed to earn what it once sought, is trying to profit by sharing. The Israeli terrorist state on the other hand, consistently the biggest destabilizing factor, does not back down from its plans. One of the most important of these is the East Med pipeline, to which we have made extensive references in the past.

The position of our organization on its role (silenced by Greek media and leftist forces) on the East Med project on Turkey’s unyielding stance is now being confirmed by Cypriot mass media. We recognize the exaggeration and provocation of the Turkey-Libya approach, but our analysis is not alike to the ones that appeared in the Greek, European and American public sphere. The imperialist forces of NATO and the EU, which act as forces of occupation in the Greek territory in cooperation with Israel, are not bothered by the altruism of any state as long as they obstruct their plans. They claim that they are hurt by the irrationality of Turkish claims, but in reality all that bothers them is that these claims run counter to their own, even more barbaric, expansive and over-exploited aspirations.

East Med is an ambition of Western integration. To achieve this, every force in the region is mobilized. One of these forces is Erdogan’s Turkey, which at this stage is exerting its influence on the geographical arc of the eastern Mediterranean to put a brake on the western monopolies. Our country’s alliance with Cyprus, Israel and Egypt is not directly about the Greek-Turkish confrontation, but about the disagreement between the Turkish state and a coalition of American-Israeli and French-Italian monopoly interests. Greece is embarking on unnecessary adventures as the conditions for a national tragedy are created. All this on the altar of a goal that is of no interest or benefit of the Greek people: The only gainers of energy chess today can be the multinationals who will exploit the mineral wealth and control its transmission networks, pipelines such as East Med.

We call on the Greek people in a struggle to avoid adventure, a struggle for liberation against the ruling class and the political system that is playing our heads to do the will of the US, Israel and the Brussels Zionist directorate. The cessation of the exploitation of the people in Palestine by the apartheid regime goes, among other things, through the cessation of the exploitation of Greece, the termination of our country as a puppet by the international system of capital and usury. Their only interest is the super-profits – they do not give a damn about national and international law, for extinguishing tensions, but only when they are in their own interest.

Resistance and Solidarity Front for Palestine

«Ghassan Kanafani»