/14 May 2020:A dark moment for Hellenic-Palestinian friendship

14 May 2020:A dark moment for Hellenic-Palestinian friendship

Thursday 14 May 2020 marks the darkest page in the history of the long-standing brotherly relations between the Palestinian and the Greek people.

The Plenary Session of the Greek Parliament voted by majority in favour of the agreement between Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Italy for the construction of the East Med natural gas pipeline. Thus, the Greek Parliament ratified the political legitimization of all the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, the theft and exploitation of their natural wealth and also legitimized all the crimes committed by Israel in the other countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, including our country, for the sake of Israel’s energy dominance in Europe.

The Greek Communist Party (KKE) and Diem25 voted against the bill of the Ministry of Environment and Energy about the ratification of the Intergovernmental Agreement.

The main exponents of the legitimization of this crime were all the governments that so far have served the memorandums which have contributed to the expansion of the interests of Israel. Most prominent among them was the Syriza-AnEl government, the government that completed in essence the scheme, going so far as to the Prespes Agreement, to ensure the safe and unhindered passage of stolen assets through the Balkans.

This crime was ratified by the parliamentary bourgeois parties, but accomplices are all the political organizations which, prior to Syriza’s rise to power, were supposedly at the forefront of the support of the Palestinian struggle.

These organizations which in the past had organized projects like the “Ship to Gaza” or the current projects like “BDS Greece”, along with all the e-media they are using, remained intentionally silent about all the steps for East Med undertaken by the government of Syriza (like the visits of Netanyahu) and also about the parliamentary vote, in order for it to remain unhindered…

In this way these organizations that had used in the past a “pro-palestinian” showcase in order to support the imperialistic destabilization of the Arab countries and especially Syria, have now sold Palestine and its heroic people, using intentionally the day of the Palestinian catastrophe (Nakba) to disorientate the public opinion from the parliamentary vote!

In the same path were the Embassy of the Palestinian Authority and other Palestinian organizations in Greece, that, either out of fear deriving from the fact that they are in a foreign country or out of an erroneous belief that they should not take a political stance about anything that is going on in Greece, although they knew about this crime, did not react at all.

In the midst of all this secrecy and this cover up, the Front of Resistance and Solidarity to Palestine «Gassan Kanafani», along with the Committee of Solidarity to Palestine, and with Palestinians living in Greece, managed even at the last moment to organize a symbolic protest against the vote for East Med, outside the building of the Greek Parliament. On our side were political organizations and citizens who truly support Palestine and do not legitimize the crimes of Zionism.

For the crime that was committed on May 14, we call all the friends of Palestine:

  • To stop supporting in any way any Greek NGO that is active on the Palestinian issue.
  • To stop trusting the numerous “authenticities” who are using the Palestinian issue as a showcase for the enforcement of the imperialistic plans.
  • To denounce those political organizations that were silent about the parliamentary vote of May 14, showing the utmost indifference for the issue of East Med.
  • To realize that the struggle of the Greek and the Palestinian people is common and that only when fighting together, with the truth as our weapon, we can win.

As a closure, we would like to note that our presence in the Syntagma Square on the 14th of May 2020, was the least we could do, in a period that is characterized by an almost totally silenced society. The Front of Resistance and Solidarity to Palestine «Gassan Kanafani» has been informing the public about the crime of East Med from the first day. We are certain that the fight, no matter how hard they try to hinder it, will not cease.

We thank our brothers, the Palestinians who took part in this protest and actively showed that our long-standing brotherly relations are not going to be traumatized by crimes like the East Med. On the contrary, those ties will become even stronger and so will our common fight against Imperialism and Zionism.

Victory to the Resistance!

Front of Resistance and Solidarity to Palestine
«Gassan Kanafani»