/Announcement on the annexation of territories by Israel and the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque

Announcement on the annexation of territories by Israel and the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque

The goal of Israel annexing the Palestinian territories of the West Bank is nothing but the natural evolution of the Western colonialism and the Zionist occupation that started 73 years ago in Palestine.

Fortunately, international reactions, even from some repulsive political forces, have silently hindered this prospect. The date that the annexation was supposed to happen has passed and there was no movement towards this direction. On the other side, sporadic attacks are still going on unabatedly, perpetuating trespass and injustice.

This is a reality which goes hand in hand with the disorienting demand for a two-state solution: the pretextual negotiation for a peaceful solution of the Palestinian issue has become Israel’sbiggest weapon to weaken the Palestinian Resistance and to overturn the balance of power in the region, which is the last stronghold of justice in the area.

At the same time, in Greece, the national narrative gets one blow after the other. The devotees of the strategic cooperation with Israel were altogether refuted, when the Israeli ambassador in Athens clarified the intentions of the administration he represents to keep a neutral stance in the Greek-Turkish dispute.

And then comes the issue of Hagia Sophia, yet another diplomatic defeat, which is used as another occasion to disseminate anti-Palestinian propaganda, mobilizing the islamophobic reflexes of the population.

Various circleseagerlyremind us the good relations between Hamas and the Turkish leadership, in order to embellish the image of Israel, as a state which is both a stronghold against religious fanaticismand also a good ally of Greece. But, they conveniently overlook the fact that religious fundamentalism is the ideological coverage of the very foundation of Israel itself. They conveniently overlook the fact that Israel’s popular supports in the western states are found mainly in fundamentalist circles, especially in evangelical churches in the US. They chooseto “forget” the dozens of arbitrary and criminal acts committed by Israel since the beginning of its existence. These crimes do not target solely at Muslims, but even at the US, the biggest funding resource of the state of Israel, as in the Lavon case and the attack on the USS Liberty.

These circles, naturally, do not say a word about the way in which the domestic bourgeoisie and all the Greek governments, especially after the intervention of the IMF, have turned our country into a protectorate of Israel, with the rulers immediately carrying out “what Bibi tells them”.

  • They do not say a word about the crucial help offered by our country to Israel in the theft of Palestinian gas deposits.
  • They do not say a word about the sold out of Palestinian land to ultra-right Zionist settlers by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
  • They do not say a word about the joint military drills and the training of Israeli murderers.
  • They do not say a word about the conversion of our country into a vast NATO military camp.
  • They do not say a word about the sale of military equipment to Saudi Arabia, which is committing crimes against the people of Yemen and has played a major role in the foundation of ISIS.
  • They do not say a word about the participation of our country in the international blockade of Syria, which literally strangles the Syrian people, not a word about the reinforcement, even with mercenaries, of the various terrorist battalions that are involved in the destabilization of the country.


These nationalist pro-Israel quarters do not differ from all those “leftish” Zionists and non Zionists, who deliberately failed all these years to mention East Med pipeline, and who keep promoting the two-state solution. In the end, both these pro-imperialist groups of our “fellow” citizens conveniently overlook that the major rogue state and the biggest threat, even for the supposed ally, Greece, is no other but the Zionist state of Israel.

As a network of friends of Palestine and especially the Palestinian resistance, once again, we sound the alarm about the effects of “cooperation” with the murderous state of Israel. We have already identified these effects, right after the parliamentary vote for the East Med pipeline, with the agreement between Turkey and Libya and also with the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

We call the Greek people to not fall into the traps set by the orchestratedjournalism and the agents of Israel’s propaganda. We, once again, condemn the hostile policies of the Greek state, which has become an instrument of imperialism and Zionism in the East Mediterraneanarea and is turning against its own people, but also against all the other Mediterranean peoples.

Lastly, we would like to strongly condemn Hamas’ choice to support the conversion of Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque by Erdoğan. It is a choice which supports a cultural crime against a monument of universal cultural heritage. Hamas continues to be tied to Erdoğan’s chariot and after their mistake to support the groups that were involved in the destabilization of Syria, now they are putting obstacles in the international Palestinian solidarity movement, by giving excuses to Israel to launch its offensive and turn Western nations against Palestine.

As a network of friends of Palestine, we continue to support solely the left side of the Palestinian resistance and everyone who serves the Global Revolution.

Front of Resistance and Solidarity for Palestine
«Gassan Kanafani»